In the Matter of
Establishing ORS 21.325(8)
Circuit Court Fees
to be Charged and Collected

NO. 02-067

UNDER ORS 21.325(8)
CJO 89-13 AND CJO 85-44

By virtue of the authority vested in me as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by ORS 1.002(1)(a) and ORS 21.325(8), and except as provided in ORS 21.580, the following fees shall be charged and collected in the circuit courts commencing August 1, 2002:

1. For filing and making entry of an assignment of judgment: $5.00 per document.

2. For each official certificate: $5.00 per certificate with signature and seal.

3. For copies of records or files: 25 cents per page for each photographic or printed copy of a page, without regard to medium.

4. For certified copies of letters, records, or files: $5.00, plus 25 cents for each page (first page and each page thereafter). This applies to certified copies requested after any original certified copy or courtesy copy supplied to parties or appointed officer of the court at conclusion of event or proceeding (or as required by law).

5. For each exemplification, including certification of the document copy and all attached certifications and affidavits by the court and clerk: $10.00, plus 25 cents for each page (first page and each page thereafter).

6. For each check returned for insufficient funds or account closed: $25 per check.

7. For outgoing or incoming copies sent by facsimile (fax) as a courtesy convenience for parties, public, or counsel: $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.

Unless the court preauthorizes other arrangements, payment for outgoing and incoming faxes is due at the time of the transaction. (This charge does not apply to document requested, required, or allowed by the court to be received or transmitted in this manner to conduct its business.)

8. For duplicating, regardless of medium, recordings of judicial proceedings: $10.00 per medium (audio, compact disc, video, etc.).

9. For providing information or data on an electronic medium: $10.00 per medium (diskette, compact disc, video, etc.).

For purposes of this order, ''page'' means one side of a sheet 14 inches or less long and 8-1/2 inches or less wide. Actual costs for postage, packaging, and freight may be charged when originals or copies of records or files are mailed or shipped to individuals at their request when the total weight of any one shipment exceeds 1 ounce (first class mail rate); or if sent by priority or express delivery; or are shipped outside the continental United States.

This order supercedes both CJO 89-13 (Video Recordings of Trial Court Proceedings) and the CJO 85-44 (Setting Fees) of December 20, 1985, and is effective August 1, 2002.

Dated this 7th day of June, 2002.

Wallace P. Carson, Jr.
Chief Justice

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