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The following is an addition to Rule 1 and an amendment to Rule 4, both effective April 3, 1998, to the Magistrate Rules.

(New language is in boldface type and language to be deleted is in italics.)

Addition of Rule 1(D)

D. Confidential Information.

The filing of a complaint by a qualified representative as defined in ORS 305.230 is recognized by the court as permitting that representative to receive information from the Department of Revenue that would otherwise be confidential under ORS 314.835.

Amendment to Rule 4


The defendant shall [file a written response] respond to the complaint by answer or motion within 30 days from the date the complaint was served on the defendant. The response shall be filed by delivering or mailing the signed original to the Magistrate Division and mailing a copy to the plaintiff. The response shall contain the names of the parties, the case number, and a brief response to the [plaintiff's] claims raised in the complaint.
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