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Court of Appeals 

Forthcoming Court of Appeals Decisions

Court of Appeals decisions are published weekly on Wednesdays.  During weeks in which there is a Monday holiday, the Court of Appeals will generally issue its media releases and decisions on Thursdays.

Forthcoming Decisions

Expected for release 04/22/2015:


  • A152885 Ajir v. Buell
  • A156544 Cullen v. Brown
  • A158471 Del Rio Vineyards, LLC v. Jackson County
  • A156874 Dept. of Human Services v. J. A. M.
  • A157935 Dept. of Human Services v. J. P.
  • A157630 Dept. of Human Services v. R. S.
  • A139386 Dunn v. City of Milwaukie
  • A155824 Farm Of The Family Rec. Assn. v. Water Resources Dept.
  • A155421 Gebremeskel v. Providence Health System Oregon
  • A153796 Guillen v. Nooth
  • A150473 Gustafson v. Board of Accountancy
  • A151320 Hicks v. Central Point School Dist.
  • A153970 Hinchman v. UC Market, LLC
  • A152484 Largaespada v. State of Oregon
  • A155965 McGuire and McGuire
  • A151023 McHale v. Nooth
  • A156182 State v. Anderson
  • A155000 State v. Arcure
  • A154605 State v. Black
  • A154357 State v. Boice
  • A155156 State v. Boswell
  • A150282 State v. Burris
  • A154082 State v. Clemo
  • A155766 State v. Craigen
  • A154720 State v. Frazier
  • A153893 State v. Freih
  • A154710 State v. Garcia
  • A155692 State v. Hernandez
  • A155420 State v. Ibabao
  • A154813 State v. Jay
  • A155507 State v. Kowalski
  • A155819 State v. Lunetta
  • A155719 State v. McHargue
  • A147842 State v. Munoz
  • A154334 State v. Norton
  • A155118 State v. Renner
  • A154178 State v. Robinson
  • A154833 State v. Schulze
  • A153169 State v. Sherman
  • A155406 State v. Strom
  • A155826 State v. Thompson
  • A155254 State v. Tippett
  • A155323 State v. Vue
  • A154941 State v. Washington
  • A156183 State v. Weiser
  • A155197 State v. Wiborg
  • A152997 Sundberg v. Premo
  • A151353 Taylor v. Franke

DISCLAIMER: It is possible that the Court will decide not to release one or more of the decisions on the above date. In that event, the Court will issue a subsequent Notice of Forthcoming Decision when appropriate. It also is possible that the Court will decide to release one or more decisions on the above date or some other date without a Notice of Forthcoming Decision. 







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