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Court of Appeals 

Forthcoming Court of Appeals Decisions

Court of Appeals decisions are published weekly on Wednesdays.  During weeks in which there is a Monday holiday, the Court of Appeals will generally issue its media releases and decisions on Thursdays.

Forthcoming Decisions

Expected for release 10/14/2015:
  • A156567 Early v. Employment Dept.
  • A158293 Geneva Park Townhomes Owners Assoc., Inc. v. Barchet
  • A155105 Goodman v. SAIF
  • A148195 Hardy v. Land Board
  • A153936 Hayes v. Angelozzi
  • A155569 Lambert v. Premo
  • A153220 Multi/Tech Eng. Svcs. v. Innovative Des. & Constr.
  • A152340 Severy v. Board of Parole
  • A155973 State v. Bice
  • A155970 State v. Broeg
  • A155035 State v. Cameron
  • A155608 State v. Carver
  • A156002 State v. Clifford
  • A153986 State v. Huffman
  • A153088 State v. Kelly
  • A156609 State v. Lenox
  • A156023 State v. Lewis
  • A151159 State v. Mross
  • A154647 State v. Musiyenko
  • A155996 State v. Rinerson, Russell Aloyious
  • A155923 State v. Santana
  • A155303 State v. Zepeda
  • A156185 State v. Zuber
  • A156459 Urban Housing Development, LLC v. Singh
  • A151512 Wall Street Management & Capital, Inc. v. Crites
  • A154545 Williams v. Coursey


DISCLAIMER: It is possible that the Court will decide not to release one or more of the decisions on the above date. In that event, the Court will issue a subsequent Notice of Forthcoming Decision when appropriate. It also is possible that the Court will decide to release one or more decisions on the above date or some other date without a Notice of Forthcoming Decision. 







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