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Forthcoming Court of Appeals Decisions

Court of Appeals decisions are published weekly on Wednesdays.  During weeks in which there is a Monday holiday, the Court of Appeals will generally issue its media releases and decisions on Thursdays.

Expected for release 04/16/2014:


  • A151203 Adair Homes, Inc. v. Dunn Carney
  • A149918 Blankenship v. Smalley
  • A149680 City of Beaverton v. Pack
  • A154311 Ramirez v. Northwest Renal Clinic
  • A151043 Sohn v. Thi
  • A155397 State v. B. T.
  • A151336 State v. Bravo-Miranda
  • A151452 State v. Cazares
  • A155523 State v. D. H.
  • A151128 State v. Duran
  • A150008 State v. Durando
  • A151718 State v. Hadley
  • A152865 State v. Hildebrand
  • A151449 State v. Hollingquest
  • A151641 State v. Hunter
  • A152571 State v. James
  • A151285 State v. Kinder
  • A151084 State v. King
  • A151215 State v. Kobel
  • A150710 State v. Koepke
  • A150287 State v. Meyer
  • A151669 State v. Moore
  • A149495 State v. Newcomb
  • A152643 State v. Paniagua
  • A151969 State v. Pickup
  • A151634 State v. Rodriguez
  • A151850 State v. Rudnick
  • A152810 State v. Sandoval
  • A151501 State v. Seems
  • A151911 State v. Sharp
  • A150868 State v. Tankersley
  • A151544 State v. Vierya-Gonzalez


DISCLAIMER: It is possible that the Court will decide not to release one or more of the opinions on the above date. In that event, the Court will issue a subsequent Notice of Forthcoming Opinion when appropriate. It also is possible that the Court will decide to release one or more opinions on the above date or some other date without a Notice of Forthcoming Opinion. 



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