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Court of Appeals 

Forthcoming Court of Appeals Decisions

Court of Appeals decisions are published weekly on Wednesdays.  During weeks in which there is a Monday holiday, the Court of Appeals will generally issue its media releases and decisions on Thursdays.

Forthcoming Decisions

Expected for release on 12/07/2016:
  • A161303 Cortez-Ames v. Employment Dept.
  • A162184 Dept. of Human Services v. P. M. M.
  • A159232 McBride v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.
  • A161037 Owen v. SAIF
  • A161617 State v. A. J. E.
  • A158620 State v. Bundy
  • A155683 State v. Burk
  • A157923 State v. Daggett
  • A158034 State v. Davis
  • A158786 State v. Dean
  • A159086 State v. Dean
  • A159723 State v. Gill
  • A159611 State v. Grant
  • A161802 State v. L. M. H.
  • A155427 State v. McCright
  • A154920 State v. Mendoza
  • A160419 State v. Minor
  • A159501 State v. Scott
  • A159873 State v. Sercus
  • A160082 State v. Stevenson
  • A159412 State v. Thornton
  • A162198 State v. W. B. R.
  • A158001 State v. Walraven
  • A159196 State v. Wilson
  • A156115 Watts v. Board of Nursing
DISCLAIMER: It is possible that the Court will decide not to release one or more of the decisions on the above date. In that event, the Court will issue a subsequent Notice of Forthcoming Decision when appropriate. It also is possible that the Court will decide to release one or more decisions on the above date or some other date without a Notice of Forthcoming Decision. 

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