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County Site Help

This tour takes you through basic navigation features to help you learn how to search for, and find, the information sought at the OJD website.

Navigating Within the Court Websites

At the top of each page (header), there is a court name.  In the example below, the court name (header) is Clackamas County Circuit Court. It is part of the Oregon Judicial Department, the third branch of government. 
In the same area as Clackamas County Circuit Court, please notice Text Size A+ A- A. Selecting A+ will increase the font size.  Selecting A+ more than once will continue to increase the font size.  Selecting A- will decrease the font size and again, selecting A- more than once will continue to decrease the font size.  Selecting the A will return the font back to the original size with one click.

At the Oregon Judicial Department level, please notice About Us.  Selecting this link will take you, to that particular About Us page.  On the About Us page there is information the court believes may be of interest to you.  There are also additional links on the secondary pages to help you move around the site.  The links FAQ’s  and Contact Us are similar in that, selecting one of those links will take you to the page attached to that link and there will be information that you may find helpful.

In the pictured or site image area, there will be links to the individual court, OJD’s home page, a link for Español and a link for ADA accessibility. They, like the links above them, will take you to a particular area that may contain information that is useful to you.  Again, as above, there will be additional links on the secondary pages to help you move around the site.

The next set of links is the global navigation links.  The links include General Information, Services, Materials & Resources and Rules & Fees.  Pressing one of the links will take you to another page and there will be additional information.  Typically, the information on the secondary pages is among the most frequently requested information within that particular category. 

Top of county webpage (banner)

The navigation tabs in the above picture (header) should not change from court to court.  The links should appear in the same location in each court site.


Breadcrumb navigation shows the links used (traveled) to get to the page you are on at a particular time.  The name Breadcrumb came from the breadcrumb trail that Hansel and Gretel left to mark the direction they traveled, thus allowing them to find their way back home. Breadcrumb navigation lets you jump backwards one or more levels, within the path previously taken.  Please see example below of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are located directly under the header.




Search Function

The pages on this site have a search function that allows a user to search the site for court information.  The search bar is located to the right of the breadcrumbs.

Search Field



Additional Page Navigation

Once a user selects one of the navigational links General Information, Services, Materials & Resources or Rules & Fee’s, you will be taken to a secondary page.  On the secondary pages, there will be additional tabs.  In the example below, the General Information link is displayed.  It is also in a different color ink.  This can be seen by the words General Information to the left of the tabs.  The four (4) tabs that are to the right of General Information will provide additional information concerning the topic stated on the tab.

Tabbed Navigation

Left Navigation Links

Left Navigation

When a user is in one of the links in the upper header, and then goes to a secondary page, the look and feel of that secondary page differs a bit.  Typically, on the secondary pages, there will be a left navigation bar.  This left bar may include different areas of interest, or titles, within each court.

Footer with Links

The links at the bottom of the page (footers) are there to help guide you through the OJD website in a helpful manner.  By using the links at the bottom of the page, you will not have to scroll back to the top of the page to move to a different page within the website.  Some of the links in the footer section include links to Policies, Forms, Job Opportunities, accessibility information for people with disabilities, contact information and a variety of other areas of interest. Please read our Privacy Policy and other Policies; they govern use of this site.  Please see footer example below.

image of webpage footer with links