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Please view Interim Amendments for any amendments ordered or approved for various sets of rules since those sets were last updated.

Some circuit courts and the Tax Court publish their local rules on their own websites. We provide links to those sites; the courts maintain the sites. If you have questions about whether the material on one of those sites is current, please ask that court. Use the Court Information Finder below to find contact information for your court.

Commonly Used Rules and Laws


Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCRs)

The UTCRs are the Chief Justice's rules for all Oregon circuit courts. The rules promote just, speedy, and inexpensive case resolution; efficient use of court time and resources; and uniform, consistent practice in every judicial district.

Supplementary Local Court Rules (SLRs)

Circuit courts may adopt local rules that govern local practice. These local rules, called Supplementary Local Rules or SLRs, must be consistent with the UTCRs, the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, and state law.

Laws & Statutes

Oregon laws, including the Constitution and Revised Statutes are listed below.

Other Rules

Courts may also have other procedures and adminstrative rules.


Complete List of Rules

The following list includes links to the Oregon’s state court system rules, schedules, program policies, codes of conduct and professional ethics for judges and lawyers, state and federal constitutions, state statutes and administrative rules that govern the executive branch agencies.