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UTCR Committee Membership

First established in 1983 by then Chief Justice Edwin J. Peterson, the Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) Committee reviews proposals for uniform rules for Oregon's circuit courts and reviews local courts' supplementary rules (SLR). The Chief Justice appoints the members to staggered three-year terms. Members may serve up to two terms. Members include six circuit judges, one deputy trial court administrator, one prosecutor, one criminal defense attorney, and five "general practice" attorneys.

The Committee meets several times a year to review the UTCR and SLR.

The Hon. Wells B. Ashby
Judge, Deschutes County Circuit Court​
​01/2014 ​1st ​12/31/2016
Jenny Cooke​
Attorney, Portland
​01/2014 ​1st ​12/31/2016
Craig M. Cowley
Attorney, Portland​
01/2014​ ​1st ​12/31/2016
The Hon. Andrew R. Erwin
Judge, Washington County Circuit Court​
​01/2014 ​1st ​12/31/2016
The Hon. Timothy C. Gerking
Judge, Jackson County Circuit Court
03/2011 2nd 12/31/2016
The Hon. Annette Hillman
Judge, Jefferson County Circuit Court
03/2011 2nd 12/31/2016
Linda Hukari
Trial Court Administrator, Benton County Circuit Court
01/2015 1st 12/31/2017
William D. Miner, Committee Chair
Attorney, Portland
05/2012 2nd 12/31/2017
Christopher J. Parosa
Deputy District Attorney, Lane County
01/2012 2nd 12/31/2017
The Hon. Tracy A. Prall
Judge, Marion County Circuit Court​
​01/2014 ​1st ​12/31/2016
The Hon. Thomas M. Ryan
Judge, Multnomah Court Circuit Court
03/2011 2nd 12/31/2016
Janet Schroer
Attorney, Lake Oswego
01/2015 1st 12/31/2017
Katharine von Ter Stegge
Attorney, Portland
01/2015 1st 12/31/2017
​​Zachary L. Mazer
Attorney, Salem
09/2016 1st 12/31/2018
Bruce C. Miller
UTCR Reporter
n/a n/a n/a​