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UTCR Committee

Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR)
The UTCR are the Chief Justice's rules for all Oregon circuit courts. Former Chief Justice Edwin J. Peterson directed the court system to develop these rules in 1983, when the state unified its courts into a state-funded system. The rules promote just, speedy, and inexpensive case resolution; efficient use of court time and resources; and uniform, consistent practice in every judicial district.

The rules must be consistent with state law and with the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure.

The Chief Justice appoints a committee, called the UTCR Committee, to review proposed changes to the rules each year. After its review, the Committee makes recommendations to the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice has final authority to adopt, not adopt, or change the proposed rules. Changes take effect each year on August 1.

Related statutes: ORS 1.002(1)(a), 1.006.

Supplementary Local Rules of the Oregon Trial Courts (SLR)
Circuit courts may adopt local rules that govern local practice. These local rules, called supplementary local rules or SLR, must be consistent with the UTCR, the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, and state law.

The UTCR Committee reviews each circuit court's rules and proposed changes annually. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice has authority to disapprove proposed and existing rules.

Unless disapproved by the Chief Justice, SLR takes effect each year on February 1. We post the new SLR on this site in mid-January. The Chief Justice may approve "out-of-cycle" adoption to meet special needs.

Related laws and rules: ORS 3.220; UTCR 1.050(1)(b) ​