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Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

These OJD Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) web pages provide information about mediation and arbitration services and resources in Oregon. The links below provide general information. The links to the left offer many resources and links to other websites and organizations.

What is Mediation?

What is Arbitration?

 Our Goal: To Help People Choose the Best Way to Resolve Their Disputes

WHAT WE ENVISION: In Oregon, courts and their state and local partners support and provide education so that people learn about conflict resolution from their earliest years through adulthood. To prevent and resolve disputes, we work together to provide everyone with easy access to a network of excellent, culturally responsive services at diverse sites across the state and in every community. As a result, people take responsibility to resolve their disputes peacefully, often without going to court. Well informed about problem-solving services, people are able to choose the option most suited to their needs, from mediation to a timely jury trial.

From Justice 2020: A Vision for Oregon's Courts