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How To Find A Mediator

Court-Connected Mediators

For some mediation programs, including small claims, FED (eviction), and some domestic relations custody and parenting mediation, the program will assign a staff or volunteer mediator to you. For some domestic relations and civil mediation, you may choose from a list of mediators who meet the Court-Connected Mediator Qualifications Rules.

Information about each court-connected mediator is available through your trial court administrator, including:

  • Information about the relevant training, education, experience, and ethical codes for each individual mediator.
  • How mediators are assigned to cases.
  • The nature of the mediator's affiliation with the court.
  • The process, if any, that a party can use to comment on, or object to the assignment or performance of a mediator.

Private Mediators

If you are interested in hiring a mediator, you may find resources in your local law library or yellow pages. For other resources, see Community and Private Mediation Resources.

Consumer's Guide to Mediation is a guide to mediation, including basic information about mediation and how to choose a mediator.