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How To Find An Arbitrator

Court-Connected Arbitrators

Your court has a list of arbitrators who are:

  • Attorneys who are in good standing with the Oregon State Bar; and
  • Who have been practicing law for at least 5 years


  • Retired or senior judges

You and the other side need to agree on an arbitrator from the list that the court provides. You can choose someone who is not on the court's list if you and the other side agree. That person does not have to be a lawyer or judge as long as you and the other side agree that s/he should be your arbitrator.  If you and the other side cannot agree on an arbitrator, the court will choose someone from its list.  You have 21 days from the time the case is ordered to arbitration to choose the arbitrator.

Contact your trial court administrator for more information.

Arbitrators for Other Issues

You may go to arbitration without a court case as part of a contract or other agreement. If you have a contract, it will probably say how you and the other side must choose an arbitrator, including where to find any list of arbitrators, what the time lines are, how many arbitrators will be used, and so on. 

If you do not have a contract that requires arbitration, you and the other side can choose anyone you want to be the arbitrator.  You will need to give the arbitrator instructions about what you expect him or her to do.  Many parties adopt the rules of national or international organizations, like the American Arbitration Association, United States Arbitration and Mediation, or JAMS.

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