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If You Are Having A Dispute


  How to Find a Mediator  How to Find an Arbitrator
  Mediator Qualifications  Arbitrator Qualifications




Brochure: Resolving Civil Disputes Through Mediation

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programs Available

Available ADR programs vary by court. Programs may be available for the following case types:

Do I have to file a case in court?

If you have not filed a court case or been served with a lawsuit, go to Community and Private Mediation Resources.

Protect your Legal Rights

To understand and protect your legal rights, you should consult your own lawyer. If you need help finding a lawyer or if you want to find more information on Oregon law, visit the Oregon State Bar Public Info page. Those pages include information on Oregon's legal system, many areas of Oregon law, and how to find a lawyer and low-cost legal help. Some sections are in Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese, as well as English.