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Trial by jury is a cornerstone of our democracy. The Oregon and United States Constitutions protect our right to jury trial. Jury service is one of the most important rights and responsibilities of American citizenship. These pages include a video orientation and handbook with useful information about Oregon’s jury system and jury service for jurors, employers, and the public.

Some circuit court websites have additional information for jurors in their courts, including court etiquette and juror instructions. If a state court has summoned you to serve as a juror and you have questions, check the court's website below, read the summons carefully, and review these pages. If you have misplaced your summons or have questions that the websites and summons don't answer, please contact your local circuit court's jury coordinator.

I want to confirm or defer my call
for jury service

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Many circuit courts have their own online jury response forms that you may fill out in order to confirm or defer your jury service. Please check the dropdown list below to see if your court has an  online form.

I want to check if my juror number has been selected for me
to report for my  jury service

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Many circuit courts post the schedules of when certain juror numbers are to report to the courthouse.  Please check the dropdown list below to see if your court has a jury schedule, if not, you will need to call the phone number listed on your card.

What Should I Expect?

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Jury service has several steps:

  • Citizens who are registered voters or have drivers licenses or other ID cards receive a  summons from the court
  • The citizen who receives the summons needs to respond as instructed
  • A judge or court staff will give jurors an orientation on expectations and responsibilities
  • Please view the Juror Experience Video in the right column of this page.

Information about the American jury system

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You can find more information on the American jury system and jury service on these sites: