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Court-Appointed Trustee Disclosure Statement and List of Court-Appointed Trustees Removed by the Court

Court-Appointed Trustee Disclosure Statement

The State Court Administrator prepared this optional fillable form for those court-appointed trustees who need to submit a disclosure statement to the court under SB 881 (2005) before appointment. Because the law is a temporary law, Legislative Counsel did not assign ORS numbers to the bill sections but did print the provisions in a note preceding ORS 128.001.

SB 881 did not specify the form of the disclosure statement. Trustees who must file a disclosure statement should ask the court whether it will accept this optional form.

To open this form, you need a Portable Document Format (PDF) reader or viewer. See our Accessibility page for information on where to find free readers and viewers you can download. The fields in the form will expand to accommodate the information you enter if you use the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 (or higher).  The fields may not expand if you use earlier versions of the Acrobat Reader or use another reader or viewer.

You can fill in the fields on the form online and print the document. Oregon courts do not yet accept electronic filing, so you must submit a hard copy to the court. Acrobat Reader does not allow you to save the data in the form to disk. You can save the completed form to disk if you use the full Adobe Acrobat program, which is not a free program. 

List of Court-Appointed Trustees Removed by the Court

The same bill requires the State Court Administrator to keep and make available information about certain court-appointed trustees removed as trustee. We post that information on our website as we receive it. Here is the current list.