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Court staff can provide:
  • General information about court procedures, rules, and practices
  • Instructions and forms that the court developed for some proceedings (forms are not available for all legal proceedings)
  • Court schedules and information on how to get matters scheduled
  • Public information in court records
  • A list of low-cost or no-cost legal services available in the community
  • Information about the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service and TEL-LAW program
  • The location of local law libraries that are open to the public
Oregon law prevents court staff from:
  • Advising or recommending one procedure, form, or pleading over another
  • Advising what words to put in a form or what to say in court
  • Suggesting what you "should do"
    Speculating about the possible outcome of a pending court matter
  • Recommending the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys

Remember: While court staff can provide general information about court procedures, ORS 9.160 prohibits court staff from giving legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer.

Where to find a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, you may wish to call the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service. Ask for the name and number of a lawyer in your area who handles the type of legal questions you have.
Lawyer Referral Service: 1.800.452.7636 (within Oregon)
or 503.684.3763 (Portland area).