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Oregon Complex Litigation Court

History and Description 

The Oregon Complex Litigation Court (OCLC) is part of an ongoing initiative started by former Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz and the Oregon Judicial Department to promote efficiency and statewide sharing of judicial resources.  It was established by Chief Justice Order No. 10-066, effective December 2, 2010.  The order adopted the rules governing the OCLC, which are contained in Chapter 23 of the Uniform Trial Court Rules.  The OCLC is available for circuit court civil cases across the state that are complex due to a variety of factors, including subject matter, number of parties, factual issues, legal issues, discovery issues, and length of trial.  [Read more…]

Procedures Overview

A presiding judge’s request that a case be considered for acceptance into the Oregon Complex Litigation Court (OCLC) shall be sent to Judge Richard L. Barron and shall include the following: [Read more…]

Implementation Orders

Chief Justice Order No. 10-066 Establishing the Oregon Complex Litigation Court and Adopting New UTCR 23.010, 23.020, 23.030, 23.040, 23.050, and 23.060 Out-of-Cycle

Chief Justice Order No. 12-023 Appointing Members to the Managing Panel of the Oregon Complex Litigation Court

Managing Panel

The membership of the managing panel of the Oregon Complex Litigation Court is

The Honorable Richard L. Barron, Coos and Curry Counties Circuit Court
The Honorable Karsten H. Rasmussen, Lane County Circuit Court
The Honorable Nan G. Waller, Multnomah County Circuit Court

Participating Judges

The following judges have agreed to participate in the Oregon Complex Litigation Court [click on the judge’s name to view a résumé of the judge]:


Available statewide: 

  Stephen K. Bushong Multnomah County
  Charles D. Carlson  Lane County
  Suzanne Chanti Lane County
  Kathleen M. Dailey  Multnomah County
  Jerry B. Hodson  Multnomah County
  Lauren S. Holland  Lane County
  Edward J. Jones  Multnomah County
  Henry Kantor  Multnomah County
  Eve L. Miller  Clackamas County
  David F. Rees Multnomah County
  Douglas V. Van Dyk  Clackamas County


  Available in limited areas:  
  John A. Wittmayer Multnomah County (limited to Clackamas, Columbia, Hood  River, Marion, Multnomah, and Washington Counties)