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RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds


RSS Feed Icon  The Oregon Judicial Department provides RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for some of the information posted on the website. RSS feeds allow you to keep up with Appellate Court Opinions, relevant news, and media releases from the OJD website, without having to visit the website.


General Media Release Feeds

  RSS Feed icon Court Emergency/Temporary Court Closures
RSS Feed icon What's New at OJD
RSS Feed icon Attorney Changes
RSS Feed icon Citizen Review Board Notices
RSS Feed icon Other News

Supreme Court Feeds


RSS Feed icon Chief Justice's News
RSS Feed icon Media Releases
RSS Feed icon Full Opinion Text 
RSS Feed icon Notification of Forthcoming Opinions 

Court of Appeals Feeds


RSS Feed icon Media Releases
RSS Feed icon Full Opinion Text
RSS Feed icon Notification of Forthcoming Opinions 

Tax Court Feeds

  RSS Feed icon Magistrate Division - Full Opinion Text
RSS Feed icon Regular Division - Full Opinion Text

Rules Feeds


RSS Feed icon Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure 


Why use an RSS feed reader?

RSS feed readers are a great tool for people who regularly view content on multiple websites.  Without a feed reader, you would have to manually browse to each site each time you want to see if there is new information on each time.  A RSS feed reader automatically reads the feeds from the sites you are interested in.  Many readers automatically refresh on a regular basis throughout the day, so you can be sure to get the most up-to-date information easily accessible within your reader.

What do I need to do to read an RSS feed?

RSS reader software is available for free or purchase from numerous software companies. Google and Yahoo are examples of two companies offering popular RSS readers.  Once you have a feed reader, then it is a matter of finding sites that provide RSS feeds.  Look for the RSS feed icon RSS Feed icon.  The Oregon Judicial Department provides several feeds, all listed on this page.