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OJD Courts ePay Technical Support & Credit Card Issues

OJD Courts ePay logoPlease remember that Oregon law prevents us from responding to requests for legal advice from anyone except members of the Oregon Judicial Department. We do not have staff available to research information or court records for the public.


If you have questions regarding OJD Courts ePay, please check the links below first:

If those links do not answer your questions, please contact us at one of the following places:

Technical issues concerning the OJD Courts ePay application

Toll Free 877.826.5010
ePay Support Form
Office Hours: M-F 7am - 6pm except Holidays and Furlough days

Business-related issues for all counties, except Multnomah County parking citations

Use the Court Information Finder below for local circuit court phone numbers and addresses.

Business-related issues for Multnomah County parking citations ONLY

View Multnomah County Parking Citation Office phone numbers and addresses

Office Hours: M-F 8:30am - 5pm except Holidays and Furlough days