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Password Rules and Information

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  1. To create or change a password, you will receive a system email.  Do not forward the password email to another person to complete.  The email is encrypted and may sometimes become corrupted, causing the email link to be inaccessible.
  2. Passwords will expire every 180 days – this timeframe is built into the existing IBM product and cannot be configured by the Oregon Judicial Department at this time.
  3. There are specific rules for creating new passwords.  See the Password Rules section below.   

Password Rules

Password must:

  • be at least seven (7) characters long.
  • contain at least one (1) non-alphanumeric character (for example: @!&*).
  • If there are five (5) failed login attempts within 10 minutes, the account will be locked.

Technical Support


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When reporting a technical problem, please provide your user profile (your OSB number), telephone number, email address and attorney law office.