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eFiling - New Case

In this portion of the tutorial, you will be representing the relator in an original proceeding. For the purposes of this tutorial, assume that you have already logged in to the electronic filing system. You will be eFiling the initiating document for a new case in the Supreme Court - that is, a case that has not yet been assigned a case number.

Step 1 (New Case)

Click on the "here" link below where it states "Click here to begin the eFiling process for a new case."

  • For a more detailed discussion of other elements of this page, please see the eFiling "Application Overview," available on the welcome page of this tutorial.
My eFilings
Status Description Count  
Draft eFilings created but not sent to Court 2 View
Pending Court has received eFilings but has not approved 2 View
Rejected Court rejected eFilings 1 View
Accepted Court accepted eFilings 2 View
Error eFilings which encounter an error during transmission 0 View

  • Enter Case No. to begin eFiling process on an existing case
(Case numbers begin with a letter, either A or S, followed by six digits.  Example Supreme Court case number: S012345)