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eFiling - New Case

Welcome to Oregon Appellate eCourt's online tutorial.

This online tutorial has two components: (1) how to eFile an initiating document in a new case; and (2) how to eFile a document in an already existing case.

This tutorial is a duplicate of the tutorial provided within the registration process. Completion of this version of the tutorial will not satisfy the training requirement for registration purposes. You must complete the tutorial that is incorporated into the registration process. This tutorial is provided here as a refresher for registered eFilers, and to allow staff working with attorneys who are registered eFilers to become familiar with the eFiling system.

To learn more about eFiling in the Oregon Appellate Courts or to find support contact information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. To view the Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure regarding eFiling, please visit:

Clicking on the "eFiling an Initiating Document in a New Case" link will take you through both components without having to return to this welcome page.


Required eFiling Tutorial
eFiling an Initiating Document in a New Case (required)
eFiling on an Existing Case (required)