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Kingsley W. Click
State Court Administrator
Supreme Court Building
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

FAX 503.986.5503
TTY 503.986.5504


Administration and Executive Services

This group includes the State Court Administrator, administrative support staff, and several lawyers and analysts. Together they

  • manage the legislative program
  • staff various committees, including the Judicial Conference Judicial Conduct Committee and Uniform Trial Court Rules Committee
  • serve as liaisons or resources to several other department and interagency committees
  • respond to public document and general public information inquiries
  • perform legal and policy research
  • research and prepare fiscal impact statements and statistical reports
  • advise on the state court system’s policies and procedures, internal governance, and intergovernmental relations
  • manage the Certified Shorthand Reporter Program and the statewide judge pro tempore program to qualify, assign, and pay “pro tem” or temporary judges to cover judge conflicts, vacancies, illnesses, and emergencies
  • write and edit pages for the state court system’s website and develop other public outreach materials
  • manage the records retention disposition policies and procedure for the state court system