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OJD Performance Measures

In September 2003, State Court Administrator (SCA) Kingsley Click established the Performance Measures Advisory Committee (PMAC) to facilitate and support the design, implementation, and monitoring of the Oregon Judicial Department’s Court Performance Measurement System.

The PMAC promotes a court performance measurement system that focuses and magnifies what is most important.  Court leaders need ready access to clear and actionable measures that allow them to explore the court’s performance from multiple perspectives and to steer the court in the right direction.

Here are some links for further information on OJD's performance measures, court performance measures from a national perspective, and other related items:

Note:  Work on this page has been suspended due to loss of CPSD staff and budget cuts. 

  • Annual Performance Progress Report - Fiscal Year 2011-13
  • Annual Performance Progress Report - Fiscal Year 2009-10
  • National Center for State Courts - CourTools