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Juvenile Court Improvement Program
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

Phone: 503.986.5618
Fax: 503.986.5859
Oregon Relay Service-711


JCIP Funding Requests and Information

The purpose of the Juvenile Court Improvement Program (JCIP) mini-grant award program is to provide support for projects or activities that further statewide JCIP and local Model Court Improvement goals.  The application asks for an explanation of how funding will be used (e.g., to bring in speakers, for program support, to provide individual scholarships for attendees, etc.) and how that use will forward the goals of JCIP.  In so far as possible, those receiving grants are also asked to make their materials available to JCIP for possible use in other training efforts.  

Grant awards usually range between $1000 and $5000.  Please remember to review the JCIP Funding Request Guidelines

The JCIP Advisory Committee will consider requests at their March meeting.  While applications received at a later date may be considered, it will be on a "funds available" basis. The best chance to receive funding will be to apply now.

If you have questions about how to fill out the application form, or about any aspect of the process, please contact JCIP at or by phone at (503) 986.5618.

JCIP Funding Request Guidelines

Request for Funding - Professional Development

Request for Program/Project Funding​