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SFLAC “Liaisons” to the Local FLACs


County (Judicial District)




Local FLAC Chairs

Baker (8th District):   Linda Hukari     
Benton (21st District):   Linda Hukari    Inactive
Clackamas (5th District.):   Lauren MacNeill    Inactive
Clatsop (18th District.):   Hon. Paula Brownhill    Hon. Cindee Matyas
Columbia (19th District.):   Hon. Paula Brownhill    Hon. Jenefer Grant
Coos/Curry (15th District.):   Hon. Keith Raines    Inactive
Crook /Jefferson(22nd District.):   Amy Bonkosky    Hon. Daniel Ahern
Deschutes (11th District.):   Amy Bonkosky    Hon. Michael Sullivan
Douglas (16th District.):   Linda Hukari    
HoodRiver et al (7th District):   William Howe    Inactive
Grant/Harney (24th District):   William Howe    
Jackson (1st District.):   Rebecca Orf    Inactive
Josephine (14th District.):   Rebecca Orf    Hon. Micheal Newman
Klamath (13th District.):   Hon. Maureen McKnight    
Lake (26th District.):   Hon. Maureen McKnight    
Lane (2nd District.):   Colleen Carter-Cox    Karrie McIntyre
Lincoln (17th District.):   Hon. Keith Raines    Hon. Thomas Branford
Linn (23rd District.):   Robin Selig    Hon. Carol Bispham
Malheur (9th District.):   Stephen Adams    
Marion (3rd District.):   Linda Hukari    Hon. Thomas Hart
Morrow/Umatilla (6th District):   Amy Bonkosky    
Multnomah (4th District.):   Hon. Maureen McKnight    Hon. Diana Stuart
Polk (12th District.):   Kate Cooper Richardson    Inactive
Tillamook (18th District.):   Hon. Paula Brownhill    Inactive
Union/Wallowa (10th District):   Stephen Adams    Bruce Anderson
Washington (20th District):   Hon. Keith Raines    Hon. Keith Raines
Yamhill (25th District):   Linda Hukari    


Local LFLAC Meetings  

Linn County LFLAC

Meeting Minutes 10.07.2009 (pdf 20 KB)
Meeting Minutes 02.12.2009 (pdf 62 KB)
Meeting Minutes 05.07.2009 (pdf 19 KB)

Multnomah County LFLAC 

Meeting Minutes 09.17.2009 (pdf 300 KB)
Meeting Minutes 04.29.2009 (pdf 324 KB)
Meeting Minutes 01.22.2009 (pdf 266 KB)
Meeting Minutes 09.25.2008 (pdf 142 KB)
Meeting Minutes 06.19.2008 (pdf 305 KB)
Meeting Minutes 01.24.2008 (pdf 19 KB)
Meeting Minutes 10.25.2007 (pdf 203 KB)
SLR Chapter 8   (pdf 131KB)