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A new option that is now available is an on-line orientation session that will assist you with the process of correctly filling out the required forms.

If you choose to take advantage of the on-line orientation option you must print out all of the necessary forms before you begin.  Please review the available instructions and forms carefully to insure you select the correct forms that pertain to your specific circumstance.  Each of the modules must be viewed in their entirety and in the correct order to insure you fill out all of the required paperwork correctly.  Any documents that are filled out incorrectly may be cause for the judge to refuse them.

Please remember that court staff are not allowed to provide you with any legal advice. This orientation is only to assist you with filling out the required paperwork correctly.  There are written directions provided with each set of forms. If you find they do not answer all of your questions you may need to consult with an attorney or refer to legal aid.

Module 1 - Completing Confidential Information forms

Module 2 - Finding Legal Resources

Required Forms

  • No forms used for this module

Module 3 - Completing the Petition for Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support form and related forms

Module 4 - Completing the Summons form and the Certificate of Mailing form

Module 5 - Completing the Certificate re Pending Child Support Proceedings and/or Existing Child Support Orders/Judgments forms