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Restraining Orders - Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA)

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NOTE: These forms do not contain legal advice. Oregon law bans us from offering legal advice to the public. To understand and protect your legal rights, you should consult your own attorney. For more information about applying for, modifying or renewing a restraining order, you may contact your local court or facilitator.

Translations of the final version of the FAPA forms are available in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.  NOTE: Forms must be translated into English before filing with the court. Please contact your local court if you need an interpreter.

Oregon provides two methods of filling out restraining order forms: Question-and-Answer Interview based iForms and Paper forms. 

Not all forms are available in both the iForm version and Paper version:

  • Apply for a restraining order - iForms or Paper forms
  • Modify a restraining order - iForms or Paper forms
  • Dismiss a restraining order - iForms only
  • Challenge a restraining order - iForms only
  • Renew a restraining order - iForms or Paper forms

Use Online Question-and-Answer Interview based iForms

Oregon now offers FREE question-and-answer interviews to complete forms for you for the following situations:

  • Apply for a restraining order
  • Modify a restraining order
  • Dismiss a restraining order
  • Challenge a restraining order

Your answers to the online interview will automatically fill out the forms for you. If you can’t complete the forms in one sitting, they can be stored and returned to later using your login information.

Once completed, print the forms and file them with the clerk at your local courthouse.

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Print and File Your
Own Paperwork

You may print and fill out the following forms. Once completed, the forms should be filed with the clerk of your local court.

Select the FAPA Packet below that applies to your situation. Each packet contains Instructions on how to fill out all the forms that you will need to submit to the court.  

Obtaining A Restraining Order


Modifying A Restraining Order

Renewing A Restraining Order

Renewal of Restraining Order Involving Former Protected Child

Or, print each form in the packet individually: