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Access Committee Members

Due to budget cuts in the Oregon Judicial Department, this committee has been suspended.  The information about the committee is provided to the public; however, it is no longer being maintained. 

The Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court appoints Access Committee members to voluntary, staggered terms of one to three years.

As the Implementation Committee recommended, the Access Committee members include at least one of the following:

  • trial judge
  • Supreme Court Justice or Court of Appeals Judge
  • staff person in the Governor's office
  • representative from the Oregon State Bar
  • lawyer in private practice
  • nonlawyer member
  • prosecutor
  • criminal defense lawyer

The Chief Justice has broadened membership to include Oregon's law schools and broad geographic, racial/ethnic, and gender diversity.

The Access Committee has 14 members currently (term expirations noted in parentheses):

The Honorable Thomas J. Rastetter
Clackamas County Circuit Court

The Honorable Janice Wilson
Multnomah County Circuit Court

David F. Bartz, Jr. (2009)
Schwabe, Williamson, and Wyatt, P.C.

Marva Fabien (2009)
Coordinator, Professional Development and Cultural Affairs
Willamette University College of Law


Oregon State Bar Board of Governors

James Hennings (2011)

Executive Director

Metropolitan Public Defender Services, Inc.

The Honorable Eveleen Henry (2011)


Lane County Circuit Court

Mark D. Huddleston (2011)
District Attorney
Jackson County

Lisa LeSage (2009)
Assistant Dean for Career Services

Northwestern School of Law

Leola L. McKenzie (2009)
Assistant Director, Court Programs and Services Division
Office of the State Court Administrator

The Honorable Darlene Ortega (2009)


Oregon Court of Appeals

Liani Jean Heh Reeves (2009)
Oregon Department of Justice

Peggy C. Ross (2009)
Director of Affirmative Action
Office of the Governor

Daniel P. Santos (2009)
Policy Advisor
Office of the Governor

Cheryl Stone (2010)

Data Analyst

Court Programs and Services Division


Committee Resources

Four people serve as committee resources to provide support and technical assistance and help coordinate work with Oregon Judicial Department divisions and committees.

The Honorable Paul J. De Muniz

Chief Justice
Oregon Supreme Court

The Honorable Edwin J. Peterson
Chief Justice, Retired
Oregon Supreme Court

Kingsley W. Click
State Court Administrator
Oregon Judicial Department

Nori J. McCann Cross
Special Counsel
Office of the State Court Administrator



The Access Committee regularly uses subcommittees to work on projects and make recommendations to the full Committee.  Most subcommittees include members of the full committee and additional members selected by the subcommittee chairs.


Staff support is provided to the Access Committee and subcommittees by Maria C. Hinton, Office of the State Court Administrator.