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Legislative Subcommittee

Since 1997, the Legislative Subcommittee has focused on legislation to provide qualified and certified court interpreters and to improve jury service.

The Legislative Subcommittee is charged with developing, implementing, and monitoring a coordinated legislative strategy for the Access Committee to propose legislative concepts, review proposed legislation on Access Committee issues, determine Access Committee support for or concerns about proposed legislation, and offer testimony and other information to legislators regarding legislation that promotes or might limit equal access to justice.


Chair:  The Honorable Eveleen Henry, Lane County Circuit Court

William Jones
Trial Court Administrator
Umatilla/Morrow Counties

Cathy Rhodes
Executive Analyst
Office of the State Court Administrator

James Comstock, Program Manager

Court Interpreter Services

Nori Cross, Special Counsel

Office the State Court Administrator

The Honorable Thomas Rastetter

Clackamas County Circuit Court

Leola McKenzie, Assistant Director

Court Programs and Services Division