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2003 Legislative Session

During the 2003 legislative session, the Access Committee provides information to the legislature about

  • the role and importance of state courts,
  • the people who use the courts, and
  • the services they need.

The Access Committee also supports the following legislative proposals but is mindful that the state's fiscal crisis may slow our progress:

Increase Juror Compensation. The Oregon Judicial Department proposed legislation to restore the 2001 increases in daily fee and mileage paid to jurors serving in the circuit courts. SB 44 would establish a $50 daily fee for the third and subsequent days that a juror must serve. The mileage reimbursement would be the actual cost of travel or a rate established for Oregon Judicial Department personnel to use a privately owned motor vehicle while on official business. The Access Committee proposed the original 1999 legislation (effecitve 2001). The legislature reduced the increases during the first special session of 2001 to deal with the state budget crisis.

Establish Vienna Convention Guidelines. The Vienna Convention is an international treaty that requires government to notify foreign consulates when the government arrests or detains a foreign national. An Oregon task force, headed by Deputy Attorney General Peter Shepherd, proposed legislative guidelines to help Oregon comply with the treaty. The legislature adopted HB 2091A and HB 2047A.

1999 Legislative Session

2001 Legislative Session