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Working to ensure fairness in Oregon's justice system

The Access to Justice for All Committee works to ensure that all persons have equal access to Oregon state courts for fair and efficient dispute resolution. It advises the Chief Justice on matters of systemic racial, ethnic, and gender bias in the justice system.

These pages call it the "Access Committee" for short.


Please note that Oregon law prevents the Access Committee from giving legal advice or help with specific cases. If you need individual legal help, please check the following for helpful links.

  • If you have questions about Oregon law, visit the Oregon State Bar website at Click on Legal Links, where you can find a lot of information on various legal matters. You can also find state statutes (ORS), administrative rules (OAR), and the state Blue Book on-line through the state web portal:
  • If you have a complaint about an attorney, see the Oregon State Bar website's "If You Have a Problem with a Lawyer." The same information is accessible by telephone on the Bar's free Tel-law service. Call 1.800.452.4776 (within Oregon) or 503.620.3000 (Portland area).