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Education Subcommittee

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The Education Subcommittee's goal is to work with the judiciary, the Bar, and law schools to

  • continue to implement and improve justice-system education programs that incorporate fairness, diversity, and intersectionality issues;
  • be a resource for curriculum development; and
  • recommend and review education materials for the public about access to justice.


Judicial Education Policy
The Education Subcommittee helped to develop and promote a policy to incorporate fairness and ethics issues in all judicial branch education programs and products. The Oregon Judicial Department's Judicial Education Committee and Education Division (now part of the Court Programs and Services Division) have adopted that policy. The policy also helps guide the Education Advisory Committee for judicial branch staff education.

Continuing Legal Education Requirement
The Oregon Supreme Court approved a new Minimum Continuing Legal Education rule to require Oregon attorneys to earn three education credits on access to justice issues each three-year reporting period. The Access Committee actively promoted the rule change and is working with the Oregon State Bar and the Judicial Department to increase the number of qualifying programs.

Programs for New Judges
The Access Committee presented a three-hour program, "Access to Justice and Community Leadership," at the 2001 New Judge Seminar. The Chief Justice introduced the session, followed by presentations on Oregon's racial/ethnic demographics, the fairness task forces and implementation committee, the role of the Access Committee, access for people with disabilities, and certification program for court interpreters. A similar program was offered in 2000. Due to budget reductions, a more limited New Judge Seminar was offered in 2002 that included a session on court interpreters.

Programs for Judges and Court Staff
The Access Committee sponsored two sessions of a six-week workshop, "Understanding Racism," for appellate judges and state court administrator staff, facilitated by retired Chief Justice Edwin Peterson and volunteer lawyers with formal training for facilitating this workshop.

Programs for Justice System Partners
In December 2000, the Access Committee co-sponsored a regional conference in southwest Oregon for teams of justice-system professionals who work with female offenders to discuss the unique needs of those women and establish on-going local action-planning groups. This conference was supported by the National Institute of Corrections and designed as a pilot program to be replicated in other regions of the state. The Judicial Education Committee hopes to offer this program in other regions.


Chair: The Honorable Janice Wilson
Multnomah County Circuit Court

David Bartz, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Schwabe, Williamson, and Wyatt, P.C., Portland

William Jones
Trial Court Administrator
Umatilla/Morrow Counties

Lisa LeSage
Assistant Dean for Career Services
Northwestern School of Law, Portland

Danny Santos
Policy Advisor
Office of the Governor

Nori Cross
Special Counsel
Office of the State Court Administrator

The Honorable Darleen Ortega

Court of Appeals