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Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 419A.092 mandates prior to reviewing cases, all persons appointed to serve as local citizen review board members must participate in a 16-hour orientation training program established and approved by the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon.  In addition, each local volunteer board member must receive eight hours of training annually.

Volunteer board members are encouraged to engage in training and education in five areas of core competency relative to CRB reviews.  These five areas are:

  • Cultural Competence
  • The Review Process
  • Policy and Systems Advocacy
  • The Law
  • Physical and Mental Health of Children and Youth

In addition, there are numerous training opportunities available which can be relevant to CRB reviews. volunteer board members are encouraged to check with their field staff member if they have any questions about applicable training topics, or how to access training library resources.

The following links have been provided as resources for training and education opportunities:

Every Day Counts Conference 2017

Every Day Counts Conference 2016

Every Day Counts Conference 2015

Every Day Counts Conference 2014

Every Day Counts Conference 2013

Every Day Counts Conference 2012

Online Training Modules

Every Day Counts Conference 2011 

Northeastern Oregon CRB Fall Training 2010



Every Day Counts Conference 2010

2009 JCIP Road Show Videos and Materials

Every Day Counts Conference Materials 2008

Link to Juvenile Court Improvement Project Training Modules/Bulletins

Cultural Competency Resources

Citizen Review Board Core Competencies

Volunteer board members are responsible for documenting and reporting their annual training requirements. CRB field staff, the volunteer resource coordinator, and the on-line education credit form can be a resource to volunteers in this area.


Orientation Training 


New Citizen Review Board members must complete 16 hours of orientation training. We are pleased to offer online training modules that count as 4 hours towards the 16 hours of training. The eModules and associated quizzes must be completed prior to attending the in-person portion of the orientation training.
Orientation Training Case Materials:


During the Orientation Training, case materials will be used from the "Fletcher" and "Ritz" cases.  You can access the case materials through the links below:

"Fletcher" Case Materials

"Ritz" Case Materials