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Informational Resources

Reference and Supplemental Resources

Citizen Review Board Volunteer Board Member Policy and Procedure Manual

Volunteer Performance and Feedback Form - Word Version

Volunteer Performance and Feedback Form - PDF Version

CRB Volunteer Board Member Handbook -- This handbook includes informational summaries on many topics with links to other resources.  The topics are organized under their relevant finding as well as general information, special case types, and recommendations.

Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 419A, Sections 419A.090 to 419A.128, “Local Citizen Review Boards"

Department of Human Services Policy and Rule Index

Supreme Court Operating Rules for CRB

DHS and CRB Memorandum of Understanding

Determining if There is a Safety Threat

Guideline to Achieving Permanency

Choices Chart

Reasonable Efforts Principles and Expectations

Reasonable Efforts Principles and Expectations In Implementation and Finalization of the Permanent Plan, when the Plan is Other than Reunification

Active Efforts Principles and Expectations

CRB Technical Assistance Guide: ICWA

CRB Opening Statement, Closing Statement, Board Acknowledgement

CRB Volunteer Board Member Position Description

Acronyms, Children’s Global Assessment Scores (C-GAS) ages 6-17, CASII Levels of Service for Children (0-6) Mental Health

Oregon's Dependency Court Process

Oregon's Dependency Court Timeline

How a Case Moves Through the System

CRB Reviews of Voluntary Cases

Effective Questioning

Adoptions Process Timeline

Differential Response Process Flowchart 

Oregon Foster Youth Bill of Rights

Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act

Finding 3B Technical Assistance Guide

Placement With a Fit & Willing Relative


Volunteer Board Member Tools

Case Notes Sheet (use this version if you print the form and handwrite your notes)

Case Notes Sheet* (use this version if you type your notes on the computer in Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software)

Case Notes Sheet* (use this version if you type your notes on the computer but prefer to use Adobe Reader - this is a fillable PDF form)

Case Notes Supplemental Sheet

CRB Messaging Toolkit

Guardianship Packet

Guardianship Case Notes Sheet

Staff Resources

The following organizations have useful information on juvenile law and services for Oregon's children and families.   Here are links to their websites:

Oregon Resources

Oregon Department of Human Services - Children, Adults, and Families

Oregon Commission on Children and Families

Oregon Youth Authority

Juvenile Court Dependency Benchbook

Youth, Rights & Justice Attorneys at Law

Oregon Law Commission

State of Oregon portal to state and local government websites


National Resources

Survivors of the System - Foster Children United

Children's Bureau

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care

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