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Online Interpreter Request Form
Formulario en línea para solicitar un intérprete

Court Language Access Services has created an online form for scheduling an interpreter.  Please use this form and fill in as much information as you can.
Los Servicios de Acceso Lingüístico del Tribunal han generado un formulario en línea para citar intérpretes. Favor de utilizar este formulario y de rellenar toda la información que pueda.

Court Interpreter Request Form

Formulario para solicitar un intérprete del tribunal

Schedule An Interpreter

How to Schedule an Interpreter 

Please send all interpreter services related correspondence, including interpreter requests, regardless of language needed, to the scheduling inbox for the region your court is located in. Interpreter requests should be emailed using the below template (bolded items are required in order for CLAS to process your request).  You may also use the online form above.  Please refer to "Court Language Access Services - Oregon Judicial Department Statutory Payment Authority," below, for a list of court matters that Court Language Access Services can provide interpreters for.

Locations (Court/Room/Judge):
Address (w/zip):
Start time:
Hearing type:
Case name (as shown in court papers):
Case number:
Name of person needing interpreter:
Role of person needing interpreter:
DA name and #:
Check in with:
Your name and phone:
Notes (additional known dates, special needs, helpful info, etc.): 

These inboxes are monitored every day during business hours. Additional questions about interpreter services or scheduling can be referred to the Court Language Access Services Supervisor at 503-986-4521, or by emailing

Per ORS 45.275 no fee shall be charged to any Limited English Proficient person for the appointment of an interpreter. Court interpreting in circuit court shall be paid by the state.

Court Language Access Services - Oregon Judicial Department Statutory Payment Authority 

The OJD has statutory authority to provide interpreting services for the following situations:

Foreign Spoken-Language Interpreters:

  • In court for criminal cases and civil cases
  • At the public court counter or by telephone to communicate with OJD staff
  • Mandatory court arbitration proceedings
  • Mediation sessions for court-run programs or at non-court-run mediation sessions taken as a mandated alternative under local court rules
  • Juror orientation
  • Citizen Review Board hearings
  • OJD court-run, funded and staffed programs and pilot programs
  • Victims

Sign and American Sign Language Interpreters:

  • All of the above
  • Public accommodations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Jurors for grand jury service and deliberations, and trial court jury service and deliberations.

The OJD does not have authority to provide and pay for interpreting services for the following (not inclusive) list. Please contact the service provider or personnel of those agencies directly to request services:

  • Jail personnel to communicate with inmates
  • Jail inmate to see nurse, doctor, or any other purpose while in jail
  • Services to children and families supervised visits
  • Diversion program services
  • Victims' panels
  • Anger management counseling
  • Probation interviews
  • Pre-sentence Investigation examinations (PSIs)
  • Grand jury witnesses
  • Parenting classes

Trial Court Rules for Scheduling Interpreters

Per Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) 7.060 and 7.070, Court Language Access Services must receive interpreter requests at least four court days prior to the day of the court matter:


(1) If special accommodation under the ADA is needed for an individual in a court proceeding, the party needing accommodation for the individual must notify the court in the manner required by the court as soon as possible, but no later than four judicial days in advance of the proceeding. For good cause shown, the court may waive the four-day advance notice.


(1) If a foreign language interpreter is needed for a court proceeding, the party in need of an interpreter must notify the court as soon as possible, but no later than four judicial days in advance of the proceeding. For good cause shown, the court may waive the four-day advance notice. 

(UTCR Chapter 7 complete text)



For Multnomah County, there is an additional Supplemental Local Rule (SLR), SLR 7.071, requiring that the parties (or their attorneys) contact Court Language Access Services (CLAS) directly with interpreter requests.

The SLR requires that prior to each proceeding for which an interpreter is needed, the party:

  • Must contact the CLAS office for Multnomah County;
  • Must update the CLAS office promptly upon learning of a cancellation or shortened or lengthened time frame.

The CLAS Office for Multnomah County may be contacted by email at:

(SLR 7.071 complete text)