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American Sign Language

Individuals seeking to pursue becoming an American Sign Language (ASL) Oregon Certified Court Interpreter must complete all of the steps in the ASL Oregon Certified Court Interpreter process.

Overview to Working in the Oregon Courts

Every year, Oregon uses  over a hundred different languages in their courtrooms. The demand for qualified court interpreter professionals is growing.

Court interpreting has its own special sets of challenges but is very rewarding in the service it provides to the courts and community. The hearings range from minor traffic infractions to domestic dissolutions to criminal trials.

Click here to read more about working in the Oregon Courts, including how we schedule interpreters and preparation for interpreting.

Court Language Access Services Certification and Training Program

The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) is the only Oregon state agency that is legally authorized to certify court interpreters in Oregon. In 1993, the OJD received legislative authority and funds to establish a certification program for court interpreters in Oregon.

Click here for more information about the ASL Oregon Certified Court Interpreter Credential including fee structure and certification renewal.

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