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Interpreter Billing Form

​Interpreters working in the Oregon Courts shall follow the OJD Payment Protocols for Court Interpreters Paid from Mandated Payments (Payment Protocols). Interpreters must bill OJD using the current *Court Language Access Services* Interpreter Billing Statement (billing) posted on this page. The Excel files include formulas which calculate line items, subtotals, and the grand total. They also include pop-up tips that appear when you roll your mouse over the red triangles. Initials from court staff are no longer required on billings.

  • Blank Billing Statement and Instructions - Excel    PDF (Revised 2/9/2017)
  • Blank Billing Statement, Instructions, and Examples - Excel    PDF (Revised 2/9/2017)

DAS Mileage Chart

We can now accept signed billings via mail, fax, or email. An original signature on a hard copy is no longer required. Please submit billings using only one method to avoid duplicates.

  • Mail to the Salem office at:

    Court Language Access Services
    1163 State Street
    Salem, OR 97301
  • Fax to 503.961.0525 (Fax # for billings only)
  • Email as a PDF attachment to

Interpreters are asked to submit their billings within 30 days of their completed assignment with OJD. Billings submitted more than 2 years past the date of service will not be paid per ORS 293.321.

For questions, please contact:

Monica Mehlhoff, JSS2 Support Specialist

Phone: 503.986.7021