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Interpreter Billing Form

​Interpreters working in the Oregon Courts shall follow the OJD Payment Protocols for Court Interpreters Paid from Mandated Payments (Payment Protocols). Interpreters must bill OJD using the current *Court Interpreter Services* Interpreter Billing Statement (billing) posted on this page. The Excel files include formulas which calculate line items, subtotals, and the grand total. They also include pop-up tips that appear when you roll your mouse over the red triangles. Initials from court staff are no longer required on billings.

  • Blank Billing Statement and Instructions - Excel    PDF (Revised 12/20/2013)
  • Blank Billing Statement, Instructions, and Examples - Excel    PDF

We can now accept signed billings via mail, fax, or email. An original signature on a hard copy is no longer required. Please submit billings using only one method to avoid duplicates.

Interpreters are asked to submit their billings within 30 days of their completed assignment with OJD. Billings submitted more than 2 years past the date of service will not be paid per ORS 293.321.

For questions, please contact:

Maribeth Kennel, Interpreter Scheduler

Phone: 503.986.5688