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Appellate Court Sample Briefs

The following opening brief samples have been designd and are provided for individuals who are filing a brief on their own behalf.  You are advised to review the Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure (ORAP) and Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) for additional information on filing requirements and filing deadlines in the Court of Appeals.

Civil Case - Appellant's Opening Brief

Criminal Case - Appellant's Opening Brief

Domestic Relations Case - Appellant's Opening Brief

Unemployment Case - Petitioner's Opening Brief

Worker's Compensation Case - Petitioner's Opening Brief

For additional information regarding general brief formatting, click here.


Important Information

Although Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure (ORAP) at 5.05(4)(b) indicates that you need to file multiple copies of briefs with appropriate colored covers and binding, please see ORAP 5.10(1).  ORAP 5.10(1) requires that you file only one document, on white paper, with the court.   There is also no need for the plastic comb binding; we only need the pages connected via staple or clip until we can scan and convert them to electronic form, eliminating the need for copies.  You will still need to serve a copy on the opposing party/parties.  ORAP 5.05(4) will be updated in the next ORAP cycle.